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Für die vier Ausgaben des 2. Jahrgangs 2011 laden wir ein, uns bisher unveröffentlichte Originalbeiträge zuzusenden (Prosa, Lyrik, Kulturessay, Grafik):

For the four issues of the 2nd volume 2011we invite authors to submit their prose, poetry, cultural essay as well as graphics which hasn't been published yet:

[All texts not written in German or English should be submitted with a translation either into German or English!]


Die Themen und Einsendetermine sind:

The themes and deadlines for submissions are:


  • Heft 5: verrückt
    Erscheinungstermin: Ende März 2011 - Redaktionsschluss: 12. Jänner 2011

  • Heft 6: nackt
    Erscheinungstermin: Ende Juni 2011 - Redaktionsschluss: 30. April 2011

  • Heft 7: warten
    Erscheinungstermin: Ende September - 2011 Redaktionsschluss: Mitte August 2011

  • Heft 8: fremd
    Erscheinungstermin: Mitte Dezember 2011 - Redaktionsschluss: Mitte Oktober 2011

  • Bitte beachten Sie unsere "Autorenhinweise"

  1. Issue 5: crazy
    Date of publication: End of March 2011 - Submission deadline: January 12, 2011

  2. Issue 6: nude
    Date of publication: End of June 2011 - Submission deadline: April 30, 201
  3. Issue 7: waiting
    Date of publication: End of September 2011 - Submission deadline: middle of August  2011 

  4. Issue 8: strange
    Date of publication: Middle of 'December 2011 - Submission deadline: October 17, 2011


    Please send your original, not yet published work of prose, poetry, cultural essay or visual work (photography, cartoon, graphic) to redaktion(at) (In cases of translations, only the translation in English or German has to be new and not yet been published.) 

    Please, pay attention to our recommendations for authors.

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