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Das Poem "Forking Paths" in amerikanischer Originalfassung von Hillary Keel.

Hillary Keel


Forking Paths


“… and all that really is happening is happening to me. …” from The Garden of Forking Paths by Jorge Luis Borges


On a bed

in the dark

the train creaks

around a curve

my body sways

in my compartment

in the dark

in a train

along the river Elbe

along the ridge

along snowy woods –

the black river


in the cold

as silence

rattles and hums

along the tracks.


The conductor


in an Austrian


using expressions



instead of

            rund herum

and notices

animal tracks

in the snow

as we stop

in a station

in the night.


I’m so

in my train-compartment



in rhythmic darkness

passing by Saxon

towns, GDR warehouses

and Nazi buildings

staring empty

from black windows –



past midnight

we break

in the town

of Bad Schandau

along the river


and I see

my reflection


in the window –

then the yellow

train station light

and frozen platform

where two

people laugh.


Next is



            nádrazi –

I remember Berlin

our lipsticked laughs

and booted feet

tramping through

frozen Friedrichshain

and Kreuzberg, our

bodies in garb from

second hand shops,

we sat in candled cafés

discussing the cold,

sex, films, places

to go next,


the new main train station

where men and women wearing Palestinian scarves

swarmed in hordes, beating drums, bellowing

through the ultra-modern mall, up stairs and escalators –

the entire construction pulsating with their calls

to stop the killing in Gaza


but I’m

in the dark –

my never-ending

train ride

is all that is really happening.

The creak

the hum

the passing winter-scape –

the years, decades

and snow-covered

hours, a hotel. 


In Berlin

my daughter

wears a sparkling


on her coat

where some buttons

are missing

a scarf she knit

of heavy wool

like a girl

in a German film –

a beret

on her head of curls

like a girl


through the streets

of Berlin


from my lap

my touch

my breath.

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